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The Natural Baby Center is now over at Kristen Lindsay! The Natural Baby Center is now Kristen Lindsay! Kristen Lindsay is your complete guide to a lifestyle; from healthy eating to diy projects and gentle parenting! Continue to find evidence based articles about everything from conception to raising baby. Learn how to best choose a prenatal care provider, read about […]

Babywearing Benefits

Babywearing is the act of wearing baby in a structured carrier, soft wrap, pouch or ring sling instead of having them spend much of their time lying on their backs, in a swing or stroller. Babywearing has been practiced for centuries around the world by a variety of cultures. Keeping baby close to mom, especially […]

40 Baby Names inspired by the Seasons

Choosing a baby’s name can be difficult if you don’t have inspiration. Many mothers to be look to family names to start the process, potentially naming baby after a late relative or the grandmothers middle name. Once you have a starting point it can be easier to decide on a name. Have you ever thought […]

Natural Remedies For Diaper Rash [Yeast Rash]

Diaper rash is a common and harmless ailment in children that can be caused by the irritation from urine and feces or chaffing. Most diaper rashes clear up easily within a couple of days. But what happens when the rash is persistent and does not go away with conventional creams? It’s possible the rash is caused […]

Co-sleeping with your Baby

What is Co-Sleeping? Co-sleeping is when mom and baby sleep in close proximity to one another. That may be in the same bed, same sleeping surface or in the same room on different surfaces. There are many different ways to co-sleep, and each have their own set of benefits for both baby and mom. Types […]

50 Baby Names Inspired by Nature

Picking your child’s name can be overwhelming. Some moms just don’t know where to start when there are literally thousands of names to choose from. Have you ever thought about choosing a name that is inspired by the great outdoors? These 50 names are either inspired by nature or have a strong connection to mother […]

Why Organic Food is Best for Baby

Toxic chemicals are one of the biggest health threats to our children, and while safety standards have become more strict, buying organic may be your best protection. Children whose mothers are exposed to common agricultural pesticides are more likely to experience a range of harmful effects to their cognitive development.  The health effects of these […]

Natural Teething Remedies

Unfortunately for baby (and parents), cutting teeth isn’t a milestone that happens all at once. The first tooth usually appears between 4-7 months of age and they get their molars near their second birthday. By three years old the vast majority of kids are sporting a full smile of 20 teeth. This is a long […]

Protect Baby from Chlorinated Pools

Around your baby’s 3 month birthday, you may want to join many others parents and bring your little one swimming at a local pool. Many recreational centers even offer “mommy and me” swimming lessons for little ones of this age. While getting your baby accustomed to water is a great thing, chlorinated pools are not […]

Choosing a Natural Breast Pump

Even if you are planning on exclusively breastfeeding, having the option to express and store your breast milk may be necessary at times. Make sure that you use a natural breast pump that is free of toxic material that comes in contact with your milk. Health and Environmental Considerations 1. Non-Toxic Material- Many breast pumps are […]