Unfortunately for baby (and parents), cutting teeth isn’t a milestone that happens all at once. The first tooth usually appears between 4-7 months of age and they get their molars near their second birthday. By three years old the vast majority of kids are sporting a full smile of 20 teeth.

This is a long journey for baby, and it can be quite painful for them. Some babies fly through teething with little trouble, others struggle most with the first teeth and those  pesky molars, and others find the entire journey difficult.

While there are various teething remedies out there, not all of them are natural. If you have been following my blog, you know that I think natural remedies are not only safer (especially when talking about babies) but can be just as effective, if not more.

Natural Teething Remedies

1. Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

A Baltic amber teething necklace is made exclusively for wearing (not chewing) when a baby is teething. The warmth from the baby’s skin releases the active ingredient found in the Baltic amber, succinic acid. Succinic acid improves immunity and the balance of acids when absorbed into the bloodstream; it stimulates the thyroid glands to help reduce drooling and soothes red inflamed cheeks. Amber’s anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties are recognized by allopathic medicine as a natural analgesic, which will help to relieve teething pain and calm a baby without resorting to drugs. Proper fit is crucial, and baby should not be left unattended while wearing a necklace.

2. Chamomile Nighttime Bath
If a bath before bed time isn’t already part of your nightly routine, adding it during teething can be an option. A warm bath followed by a gentle baby massage will help calm and soothe baby. To go one step further, draw your little one a chamomile bath by placing a tablespoon of dried chamomile flowers in a reusable muslin drawstring bag and add to your baby’s bath water. Chamomile is known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties and have long been used to soothe and relax. It is also a common sleep aid.

3. Rubber Teether
There are dozens of all natural rubber teethers on the market. Look for ones that are made from food paint and that are Phthalates and BPA free. Rubber teethers can be placed briefly in the freezer before giving them to baby to help soothe their gums.

4. Homemade Teething Clove Oil
Clove Essential Oil has a natural numbing effect so it’s perfect for those days and nights when something a little extra is needed. All you need to do is dilute 1 drop of therapeutic grade clove oil in 1 tablespoon of almond oil. Mix together and apply to gums.

5. Wooden Teething Ring
Wooden teething rings can be helpful, especially when babies are a tad younger and need a larger item to hold on to. Look for untreated wood such as an untreated maple or organic bamboo. Over time these wooden rings can be polished with some local and organic beeswax.

6. Homemade Chamomile Ice Cubes
Steep a chamomile teabag in a cup of hot water for 10 minutes. Remove the teabags and freeze the tea in ice cube trays. Then put a couple of the ice cubes in a handkerchief, tie a knot, and let the babies gnaw or suck on them to relieve pain.