The Placenta is a beautiful organ, one that sustains your baby’s life while growing inside of you, and remains vital as your baby makes its way into the world and takes its first breath. Many traditional cultures consume the placenta after birth and continue to reap its amazing benefits for the weeks after their newborns birth. Placenta encapsulation allows you to ingest the placenta in a pill form, no different than a daily supplement.

The placenta contains stem cells and cytokines, which can play a key role in healing after labor. While the average women may bleed for up to 6 weeks after labor, mothers who consume their placenta are said to bleed considerably less, for just five to ten days.  In addition, the placenta contains important nutrients that are depleted during the birth process and without being replaced can leave the new mothers body in a vulnerable state. Oxytocin, vitamin B6 and CRH can help increase milk supply, decrease postpartum depression and improve energy.

The most popular placenta encapsulation process, used widely around the world, is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and dates back to as early as 1578. Many midwives and doulas offer placenta encapsulation as a service to their clients. It is done by steaming, dehydrating and grinding the placenta into a fine powder which can be inserted into vegetable capsules and taken orally, no different than a daily supplement.

It is believed that consuming the placenta can:
– help to balance your hormones
– replenish depleted iron levels
– assist the uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy size
– reduce hemorrhaging and postpartum bleeding
– increase milk production
– decrease postpartum depression
– increase energy levels